Forthcoming Events

Mini Mon Match


This is a Level Two competition and an event for intermediate players of limited experience. It should be seen as an introduction to competition for newer players and a learning experience for all. With that in mind positive coaching is allowed, but aggressive coaching and pressuring of referees will not be tolerated. The competition will be run by club volunteers and the support of parents and coaches will be essential for the competition to be a success. We expect to develop the correct competition etiquette and environment, therefore the competition standard judogi (see below), footwear and headwear is essential. Eligibility 1. Competitors must be members of the WJA/BJA and produce their licence on the day. 2. Competitors must be over 8 and under 16 on the day. 3. Competitors must bring proof of age with them. 4. Competitors must be between Novice and 9th Mon on the day. Categories Group A: Boys Red Belts. Group B: Boys Yellow and Orange Belts. Group C: Girls Red Belts. Group D: Girls Yellow and Orange Belts. closing date is Tuesday 12th May 2020

From 8.30am

At Carmarthen Judo Club



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