Senior Session


From 7.40pm until 9.00pm

At Carmarthen Judo Hall

Carmarthen Leisure Centre


Our return to judo will not be as it was before and we will all have to make some changes to our normal routines in order to train. Please be aware of the following details;
  1. We will be using our dojo, but the mat layout will be altered.
  2. You will need to enter and leave by the dojo entrance at the back of the leisure centre only.
  3. Due to the Covid regulations we are limited to 15 players maximum per session.
  4. Due to the Covid regulations we are only allowed 30 people (+11 years old) indoors, therefore we are not allowed spectators in the judo hall. Although under special circumstances this may be adaptable, for example, we may allow the parents of tots (under 8s) to stay due to age. Otherwise, parents are asked to wait in their cars in the car park or return at the end of the session.
  5. For now, sessions will only be held on Monday's and Friday's. The times of the sessions have altered and you will find these via the 'Return to Judo' leaflet or the online booking system.
  6. We have created an online booking system (located on the club website) and you are respectfully asked to book your session here. The calendar will allow you to book your sessions one day at a time or for the whole month. This will go live on Friday 2nd July and at the start of each month after this time.
  7. Payments can be made online or on the day in cash. The instructions for online payments will be given via the online booking system. The costs are the same as usual... 50p for tots and £1 for everyone else.
  8. All players will be expected to follow the 'Return to Judo Guidelines'. There are 3 versions - tots/juniors, seniors and parent/guardians (See the club website for the documents). Please read them carefully and comply.
  9. Players will need to arrive in judogis. Those aged 11 and above will need to wear a face mask (unless exempt) when entering the building and remove only when instructed by the coach.
  10. Due to Covid regulations, players will train in their own designated mat space (3m x 4m) and there will be no personal contact with any other member of the club.
  11. There will be no access to the leisure centre and we will be separate to the rest of the leisure centre members. We will have access to toilets, but only for emergencies. These toilets will also be available for members of public using the sports hall.
  12. We respectfully ask that parents arrive with their child at the entrance door no earlier than 5 mins before the start of their scheduled session and return at the finish time.
  13. Finally, at present we can only allow current members onto the mats. All licences must be in date and age appropriate.
Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns - there are no silly question!!!

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