The Club follows the Welsh and British Judo Associations Grading Schemes.

The Dragon Award Scheme was designed for players under the age of eight years to be able to demonstrate their knowledge, understanding and skills of judo from a young age.  They learn and present a number of items – such as judo techniques, physical strengths and Japanese terminology.

In the Junior Mon and Senior Kyu Grading Schemes players have to perform a number of fundamental and performance skills, as well as translating Japanese terminology for their grading.  The Junior and Senior players are tested for their gradings at the club, with at least three opportunities across the year.

The Senior Dan Grading Scheme is the most technical and physically demanding of all the grading systems.  Firstly, the players have to compete for points at Dan gradings or points scoring competitions, needing a total of 100 for the black belt.  Secondly, they have to present knowledge and understanding of the Gokyo, present techniques in combinations and the formal presentation of a set of Kata.  All players are taught and supported by the coaches to ensure they are fully prepared for their gradings regardless of age.

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