Results 2017

Dragon’s Academy Competition, Cardiff – 21st January

Erin Powell – Dragon Display

Lydia Pearson o44kg (Under 12) – Gold

Celt Llewelyn-Jones u60kg (Under 16) – Bronze

Carmarthen Town Sports Awards, Carmarthen – 27th January

Elen Davies u13 Junior Girls – 1st Place

Connor Flattery u13 Junior Boys – 2nd Place

Aron Curtis u13 Junior Boys – 1st Place

 Southern Area Masters Open, Crawley – 12th March

Chris Crane u66kg – Bronze

 Annual Carmarthen Judo Club Awards – 19th March

BEST TOT – Ben Jenkins



BEST YOUTH – Aled John

BEST ACHIEVEMENT 2016 – Dylan Thomas

MOST POTENTIAL – Sophie Bartley

BEST THROW TOT – Emily Cramb



SPIRIT OF JUDO – Chris Crane

 EGH Green Belt and Under Competition, Beddau – 25th March

Erin Powell u28kg (Under 12) – Bronze

Rhidian John u30kg (Under 12) – Bronze

Connor Horton u38kg (Under 12) – Bronze

Osian Thomas u42kg (Under 12) – Silver

Connor Flattery u42kg (Under 12) – Bronze

Lydia Pearson o44kg (Under 12) – Gold

Aron Curtis u50kg (Under 16) – Bronze

Celt Llewelyn-Jones u60kg (Under 16) – Bronze

Aled John u60kg (Under 16) – Bronze

Elen Davies 063kg (Under 16) – Silver

Gethin Thomas u73kg (Seniors) – Gold

Wayne Gravell u81kg (Seniors) – Bronze

 British Schools Championships and British Schools Special Needs Championships, Sheffield – 8th/9th April

Lydia Pearson (Years 6/7) u52kg – Silver

Tejay Hall (Years 8/9) u34kg – Bronze

Aron Curtis (Years 8/9) M1 (SN) – Bronze

Celt Llewelyn-Jones (Years 8/9) u60kg – 9th Place

Louise Hughes (Years 8/9) u63kg – 5th Place

Elen Davies (Years 8/9) u72kg – Bronze

Aled Beynon (Years 10/11) u60kg

Jordan Kirkwood (Years 10/11) u73kg – 7th Place

Hermee Cup, Belgium – 13th May

Lydia Pearson (Minors) u57kg – Gold

Tejay Hall (Pre-cadets) u38kg

Aron Curtis (Pre-cadets) u50kg

Louise Hughes (Pre-cadets) u63kg

Elen Davies (Pre-cadets) o63kg – Silver

High Wycombe Masters, High Wycombe – 27th May

Louise Beard F1 u70kg – Silver

Brain Tumour Charity Event, Cardiff – 17th June

Cynyr Llewelyn-Jones (Pre-cadets) u38kg – Bronze

Aron Curtis (Pre-cadets) u50kg – Gold

Celt Llewelyn-Jones (Pre-cadets) u60kg – Gold

Elen Davies (Pre-cadets) o63kg – Silver

Aled Beynon (Cadets) u60kg – 5th Place

Louise Beard (Seniors) u70kg – Gold

Louise Beard (Masters) u70kg – Gold

 Cardiff Central Mini Mon, Cardiff – 1st July

Erin Powell u28kg – Gold

Rhidian John u34kg – Bronze

Cynyr Llewelyn-Jones u42kg – Gold

Connor Flattery u55kg – Silver

Celt Llewelyn-Jones u60kg – Gold

Aled John u66kg – Bronze

Gemau Cymru, Cardiff – 1st July

Aled Beynon u60kg – 5th Place

Jordan Kirkwood u73kg – Gold

Jordan successfully qualified for the UK Schools Games in September.

Samurai Masters and Senior High Grade Competition, Walsall – 9th July

Louise Beard (Masters – lightweights) – SILVER

Louise Beard (Masters – heavyweights) – BRONZE

British Special Needs Open Championships, Aylesbury – 26th August

Aron Curtis u50kg – BRONZE

Welsh Schools Mini Mon, Newport – 10th September

Erin Powell u28kg – BRONZE

Tejay Hall u38kg – GOLD

 EGH Green Belt and Under Competition, Beddau – 7th October

Erin Powell u24kg (Under 12) – SILVER

Rhidian John u34kg (Under 12) – 5th Place

Lydia Pearson u57kg (Under 16) – GOLD

Aled John u66kg (Under 16) – GOLD

John Bowen o100kg (Seniors) – SILVER

Maesteg Green Belt and Under Competition, Maesteg – 11th November

Cai Powell and Ella Briggs Dragon Display

Erin Powell u24kg (Under 12) – GOLD

Owain Duston u27kg (Under 12) – Competitors Medal

Rhidian John u34kg (Under 12) – Competitors Medal

Aled John o66kg (Under 16) – BRONZE

Welsh Schools Regional Championships, Cardiff – 19th November

Lydia Pearson (Years 8/9) u57kg – GOLD

Aron Curtis (Years 10/11) u50kg – SILVER

Celt Llewelyn-Jones (Years 8/9) u66kg – GOLD

Elen Davies (Years 8/9) o63kg – GOLD

Aled Beynon (Years 10/11) u66kg – 5th Place

Welsh National Championships, Bangor – 25th November

Cynyr Llewelyn-Jones (Minors) u42kg – GOLD

Lydia Pearson (Pre-Cadets) u57kg – BRONZE

Connor Flattery (Pre-Cadets) u46kg – SILVER

Osian Thomas (Pre-Cadets) u50kg – SILVER

Elen Davies (Pre-Cadets) o70kg – GOLD

Aron Curtis (Cadets) u50kg – SILVER

Celt Llewelyn-Jones (Cadets) u60kg – SILVER

Aled Beynon (Cadets) u66kg – GOLD

Aled John (Cadets) u73kg – BRONZE

Jordan Kirkwood (Cadets) u73kg – BRONZE

Chris Whatley (Seniors) u60kg – SILVER

Chris Whatley (Masters) u73kg – GOLD

Louise Beard (Seniors) u70kg – SILVER

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